Calgary's Most Preferred and Referred Clowns

Buckshot, Benny, BudLite, Button and Buddy
Toon-In 1994

20 years full time - 2005

"I've seen five other clowns and they don't even come close to being as good as
Buddy or Button, and those other clowns all charge more."
- Alex's mom

Clowns extraordinaire

Full-time clowns since 1985.
Let their experience work for you
Trained in the U.S.A.
Perform individually
For all ages

Stage shows and/or
roving performances

Performed 8 years in a row at the
Calgary Stampede
Beyond the ordinary
More funny for your money

Their skills, talent, good humour, experience, and enduring charm
are guaranteed to make your event a success.

Calgary Herald Neighbours February 2004

FFWD Magazine June 2005

Our World August 2005

CityTV Video - Feb 14 2006
Time 3:50

"Buddy and Button provided top-quality entertainment in a highly professional manner. They are a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them."
- The Calgary International Children's Festival

Oct. 27th, 2023 Buddy & Button appeared with their daughter Amy Edgar on C.B.C. The Debaters.

Here's a link to The Debaters "Fear of Clowns" - cbc.ca/1.7009835
Here's a link to Amy Edgar's website - AmyEdgar.com




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