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Button's Reviews

"I was afraid of clowns
until I met Button."
- Kevin, 6 years old

"Best ventriloquist ever."
- Silver Springs Nursery School

"Button appeals to all ages but really understands the humour and attention spans of younger children."
- The Hamptons School

"Excellent show.
A smashing success."
- Calgary Stampede

"Wonderful and funny show."
- Monsignor Doyle Elementary

"How do you make Monkey talk without moving your lips?"
- Jason, 7 years old

"Included the shy kids while giving them
their space."
- Spring Bank Playschool

"Lots of fun and variety."
 - Rocky Mountain House

"Great job. Entertaining both kids and adults."
- WestJet

"Better than I expected."
- Tod Lister

"Thanks for all
your good work."
- Clarica

"Button has a wonderful understanding of children, making them feel special."
- EauClaire YMCA

"Wonderful entertainment."
- Conrich E.C.S.

"Great interaction with audiences."
- Lake Bonavista Elementary

"Big impact on kids."
 - C.M.H. Heliskiing

"Made our event a success."
- Educentres

I wanted to thank you again very much for your perfect show you did for Andrea and her friends today. She really enjoyed you and I heard the kids after talking to their parents about you, so you made a great impression. And thanks for making Alyssa feel special and not making her worry about the balloons. Life has been a little tougher for her, so anything we can do to make her feel more confident about situations, the better she feels.
- Joanne Waite

"Button was awesome."
- Calgary's Child magazine



"Button was a pleasure to work with, both as a preformer and a person.
We would love to have her back."
- City of Grande Prarie

Calgary Herald Neighbours,
February 12 to 18, 2004, front page,
text and photo by Kim Carson.

Button is a seasoned performer who can bring
comedy, color, and excitement to your event.

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"She [Grace] was in tears, she was laughing so hard. Button and Monkey gave her the most important thing I could have ever asked for - a smile and an opportunity to forget about being in the hospital, even if only for a few minutes." - Jamie Crysdale, Calgary Stampeders

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"Ventriloquism was terrific! Magic and jokes, fabulous!
Watching the faces of the children while Button performs is incredible."
- Beddington Heights Kindergarten

It doesn't cost any more to hire the best.

The Bottom Line: Button is not your ordinary clown. Clowning is her career choice, it's not a hobby or part-time job. She trained and taught at clown and variety arts schools in the U.S.A. She has been performing full time since 1985. That is why she is so good at it, why most of her work is repeat or referral and why customer satisfaction is important to her. Shows are booked every day. As email is not a secure method of communication,
please CALL us at (403) 282-0361 to assure availability.


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